Who I am??

I am self-determined type and I don’t take kindly to being dominated by others. I am hot-headed and quick-tempered. I am Clever.. I am a sociable, executive type with a compulsive drive to control my environment and people around me. I am fair and appreciative of others opinions, realistic, stable and a bit impersonal.

I am family oriented person.. Emotional and overly Sensitive, easily to get Hurt and prone to Brooding… I am often quite Moody.. 

When it comes to Love, I am devoted, romantic and able to get things going on my own. I am wise to listen to my gut..

I know myself and I know that I’m not perfect but I spend my time having fun and doing the best with what I’ve got.

I Love Fashion..  Shoes Bags and Clothes are my addiction.. I am a Shoppaholic..  

For me fashion is your own unique style. Either your fashion is expensive or too cheap.. Fashion is the way you carry your self..  and fashion is your attitude..

“It’s not just the clothes that are important — it’s how you wear them..”

Hug and Kisses,


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