What To Wear On Summer??


Oh March! I already feel the heat of summer.. Hot in the morning, in the afternoon and even in the evening.. Summer here in the Philippines is really unpredictable.. Every time I go out the sun-kissed skin so hot it’s like Katy Perry’s song.. Since it is already summer here in the Philippines we should know what to wear.. I know some of us already planning for a summer vacation and we all preparing for a fashionable summer outfit..

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So here’s what we can wear during summer time.. Ladies, I know we love sexy outfit during summer and every time we go on the beach we want to look good hot and sexy, right? We want to show some skin and curves.. So I have few suggestion on what you should wear for summer.. Choosing right clothes girls is no need to spend a lot of money during summer.. Simple outfit is good and it is very sexy..

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So for my first suggestion look for something that you are comfortable to wear.. Shorts are good for us but make sure that you choose the right length, don’t wear short shorts if you are not comfortable with.. For tops sleeveless is good, choose the right neckline if you are comfortable wearing low neckline that would be sexy but if you are not comfortable with then choose the one you will be comfortable with..

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Some of us love to wear dresses and maxi dress is one of our first choice specially when we go to the beach.. Choose the one with the right length if you love long then go for long if you want short then go for short.. Showing some of your smooth skin will be good since its summer time.. 🙂 Skirts are good as well same as shorts wear what you comfortable with..

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Shoes.. Oh! Wedge Shoes are pretty nice.. Flip-flops, Sandals are cool too just make sure it will match to your clothes.. And for the accessories it is nice to wear colorful accessories because summer is colorful.. There’s a lot of wood accessories during summertime with different designs and you can buy cheap one in the mall or in some other cheap accessories store like in Divisoria..

I rest assure you that you will be perfectly beautiful on summer if you know how to choose the right outfit for you.. I hope my suggestions will help you ladies and don’t forget to match a right make up for your skin tone.. 🙂

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